Dear visitor,

Imagine posters being wayfinders.

Imagine type. Imagine radio about type. Imagine television about radio about type.

Imagine us being awarded
'De Gulden Snede, for 0
years of fantastic work'.

Imagine something that happened in the past. Something big. Something to argue about. And frame it.

Imagine eight different books that are the same.

Imagine an award show
as a sermon. Freemasons
preaching design.

Imagine a house that is built for people to use. What would be the use of it?

Imagine a landscape of Dutch Design.

Imagine your inner self as the main character in a theatre

Imagine a place stuck between day and night.

Imagine winter. The houses.
The lights that shine through
the windows.

Imagine all the possible com-
munication needed for the open day of an Art school brought back to one single piece of paper.

Imagine us having a band
called 'Rock Pistolet'.

Imagine having all this promo-
tional material and cutting it up. Placing mouths where ears should be.

Imagine looking at yourself in the reflection of a poster. 

Imagine the first steps of our child hood heroes as a first
step of our own story.

Imagine this guy holding up three fingers. Explaining how
his burnt hand was shaped
like a double 'v'.

Imagine posters being radars.

Imagine the sun of Malawi guiding you through a book.

Imagine using a human body and leaving it for another user.

Imagine our friend Lucas, a healthy young man with blond curly hair. Watch him walking naked through the meadow.
He is looking for feathers to
put in caps.

Imagine a book as a timeline.

Imagine making a clean-cut identity for dreamy, grimy,
rebels and image poets.

Imagine our anagram coming
to life.

Imagine sheet music composed with shotgun shells.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Yours faithfully,

Kok Pistolet

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