Kok Pistolet
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2512 BP The Hague

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Floris: +31 (0)6 43 27 59 69

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At the official opening of their own studio in April 2011, partners Sacha van den Haak and Floris Schrama from Kok Pistolet were awarded De Gulden Snede (the Golden Ratio). They received the trophy, which evokes associations with the female anatomy (de gulden snede in Dutch can also be translated as ‘the golden slit’), from Gert Dumbar ‘for 0 years of fantastic work’. The publicity stunt worked superbly -it is still going strong on their own website- and is primarily illustrative of the young designers’ cheerful nature.

The two got to know each other during their studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, where they already worked together on multiple projects. After they graduated, they worked for a while at Studio Dumbar, where one of their projects was devising printed material, videos and theatrical spectacles for the presentation of the Dutch Design Awards.

Kok Pistolet’s work has an entirely individual signature and represents a clear break with what the designers created at Studio Dumbar. ‘It’s as if the children have left the parental home and are now having fun finding their own way’, as one of the jury members put it. The identities and posters they make for cultural organizations are charmingly playful and free, and at the same time quite clever and well thought-out.

‘Funny, clever, a bit grubby, briljant’, the jury concluded.

Bas van Lier, Dutch Design Yearbook 2013


9 – 13 feb 2016 – Identity and campaign, Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam.

12 feb 2016 – Campaign, Artez Studium Generale – Chaos en Conflict, Arnhem.

15 jan 2016 – Campaign Theatergroep De Warme Winkel – Amadeus. 

6 nov 2016 – Campaign, Artez Studium Generale – Homo Technicus, Enschede.

6 – 8 nov 2016 – Identity and campaign, Frankenstein Festival, Rijks Museum Twenthe, Enschede.

Awards and nominations

Dutch Design Awards 2013 Finalist Communication ‘Waar is Ekko?’

International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2013
Shortlisted Poster campaign ‘Waar is Ekko?’

International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2013
Shortlisted Poster campaign ‘Alma’

Prijs de prijs 2011
Shortlisted best Dutch art award ‘De Gulden Snede’

De Gulden Snede 2010
Oeuvre award

Red Dot Awards 2010
Winner eventstyle ‘Dutch Design Awards 2009′

Red Dot Awards 2010
Shortlisted Poster series ‘Amsterdam Sinfonietta’

International Poster and Graphic Design Festival Chaumont 2009
Shortlisted Poster series ‘Amsterdam Sinfonietta’

European Design Award 2009
Silver Cookbook TNT ‘Masterchefs For Home Chefs’

Graduation Royal academy of Art, The Hague 2006
Cum Laude

Type Directors Club New York 2005
Excellence in Typography

What we do

Identities, Campaigns, Art direction, Concept Development, Spatial design, Posters, Websites, Apps, Film/Video, Writing, Music

We have worked for

Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Champalimaud Foundation, Delft City Marketing, Dutch Design Awards, Theatregroup De Warme Winkel, Double Vee Concerts, The Dutch Government, EKKO, Into The Great Wide Open Festival, Inholland, KPN, Le Guess Who? Festival, NAI Publishers, Het Nutshuis, Paradiso, The Royal Academy of Art, Studio Dumbar, TNT, Tivoli, Typeradio, University of Amsterdam, VOPAK, Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond, Frascati Theater, Something RAW Festival, Into the Woods Festival, Museumnacht Delft, Rijks Museum Twenthe.

Lectures and Exhibitions

17 – 25 Oktober 2015 – New Window, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

14 Oktober 2015 – VPRO Tegenlicht Meet Up, Delft

26 September – 4 Oktober 2015 – New Window, Graphic Design Festival, Breda

24 Oktober 2014 – Museumnacht, Delft

September + Oktober 2014 –  EKKO, Utrecht

19 – 27 Oktober 2013 – Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven

9 Oktober 2013 – Imsomnia Festival, Tromso Norway

25 – 27 Oktober 2013 – Fernweh, Depot BG, Amsterdam

27 – 29 September 2013 – Fernweh, Dynamo Expo, Amsterdam

27 September 2013 – Let’s Talk Design, Rotterdam

27 September 2013 – Pecha Kucha, Amsterdam

28 Januari 2012 – Open Dag Royal Academie of Art, Den Haag

7 Juni 2011 – What’s Up? #39, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam